Facebook Ads Marketing Report made easy

We keep the Facebook reporting process as simple as possible for you, while still offering you all the features you need. 

  • Reporting Performance

    Save time with automated daily, weekly, monthly reports directly in your emailbox.

    No more wasted time configuring and compiling data!

  • Trends & KPI Focused

    High level overview of daily performance compared to your KPIs.

    Simple reporting structure that uses color coding to identify trends in performance.

  • White-label reports

    You don't want another company's branding all over your reports. 

    We get it. 

    That's why you can use your logo, choose your colors

Hey, Ecommerce Brand Owners, Agency Owners & Freelancers working with Facebook Ads!

Tired of having to configure reports manually, expensive third-party tools, complex Zapier integration and other geeky stuff? 

We know, you don't have time for all your customers' requests. 

What you're looking for is a simple, clear & visual tool to quickly see trends over periods of your choice or on a daily basis for one or more accounts!

Discover Auditez, a simple, pre-configured tool that gives you a detailed report on any Meta/Facebook advertising account.

What we offer

  • 1

    Interpret your data more easily!

    Define your own target costs and performance indicators to change table colors and interact with graphs according to your periods.

    When you understand the numbers, you can make better and faster decisions. This will lead to better results for your customers and increased retention.

  • 2

    Pre-made Template to Track and analyze your Facebook Ads performance.

    Create social media content that engages your audience with seamless social media analytics, custom reports and more.
  • 3

    Schedule your reports in seconds.

    • No more manual sending.
    • Day, week & month intervals.
    • Compare your performance with another period to see how fast you're growing.
  • 4

    White-label reports

    Add your own logo, colors to the email report.
  • 5


    Centralize your various advertising accounts in a single view to see statistics for the different advertising accounts you manage.

Create a free account and build your first reports today!

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