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Get a quick, visual, and clear overview of your clients' Facebook Ad Account performances.

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Facebook Ads can be a struggle to scale.

Most Entrepreneurs, CMOs, Media Buyers, E-com owners are having difficulties to uncover what's causing poor performance in their Ad Account.

There’s already so much metrics to look-at. But not enough time to dig deep into it.

You want a more visual look at your data and answer simple questions?

With AuditEZ, you can identify areas of opportunity to unlock growth and achieve business goals.

If you are an Agency, you can use AuditEZ as an unbranded Automated Ad Account Audits report.

Add your own logo to the generated audit for monthly reporting or outreach leads.

How It Works

AuditEZ is approved by Facebook and generates an Ad Account Audit based on your real data. 

So you only needs to connect your Facebook profile like any app.

  • 1

    Select Ad Account to audit

    It could be you own e-commerce. 

    Or the ad account of your clients if you are an agency.

  • 2

    2. Instant Analysis and Charts Compilation

    AuditEZ software compile and analyze your data to produce an ad account overview with personalized recommendations.

    The Audit is done on 6 key areas of improvements : structure, budget, targeting, optimization, creatives, basis.

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    3. Apply Recommended Actions

    Read the audit overview that shows impact and recommendations in 5 areas : structure, budget, targeting, optimization, creatives.

    Audit recommended actions
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    4. Share and Export the Audit

    Share the Audit with your team.

    Or export the audit to use it as monthly report for your clients.

Content of Generated Audit :

AuditEZ provide a complete Audit of your Facebook Ad Account based on framework used by top leaders in industry.

  • Account Structure : Budget, lookalike usage, CBO vs ABO repartition, 
  • Budget : % Spent in learning, funnel budget repartition
  • Targeting : Detailed Targeting Expansion, Automatic Placements, Exclusions Implementation ; Prospecting Audiences
  • Optimization : Advertising Objectives ; Optimizing for purchases ; success measurement ; custom conversions 
  • Creatives : ad format checks, content sizing checks
  • Basis : pixel and domain configuration checks


Benefits of AuditEZ

Self immediat Ad Account Audit with personalized recommendations based on your ad account current state.  

  • Recommandations
    Get instant actions to improve your Ad Account performance
  • Charts And Stats
    Quickly visualize the state of an Ad Account in term of structure, budget, targeting, optimization, creatives
  • Share and Export
    Export the audit charts, overview, tables as a monthly report for your team or clients

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