Easy way to create intuitive, beautifully designed Facebook Ads reports in minutes!

The best way to create reports for your clients. 

Set your target KPIs, timeframe and automate schedule daily, weekly, monthly.

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Kpi and graphs

The best way to create reports for your clients.

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    Custom timeframes

     Choose a timeframe like Jan 1st - Jan 30th, or set it to the last 30 days so the data is always up to date. 

    Trends period comparisons
  • 2

    Set your target KPIs

    Configure your target Key Performance Indicator in term of CPC, AOV, CPA, Conversion Rate.

    Target kpis
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    Color coding based on your KPIs

    Target kpis table
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    Schedule report

    Receive the report content directly inside an email or download attachements as PDF. 

    Reports by email

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